Are you frustrated by software that is hard-to-use because it is too complex, takes a long time to train on, and isn't very keyboard friendly?

Do you find your software support takes too long to resolve problems or have to wait on technical support provided from the other side of the world?

Do you feel that spending $500,000 in the first two years for the top European packages is simply excessive when it entails all of the above?

Do you wish that your supplier could do the simple things well?

Do you wish that your software was so flexible that you could create custom menus for each individual operator simply and quickly or have customised Order Entry, Quotes or Purchasing screens for individual needs?

Do you wish your supplier could make little customisations for your business at a reasonable cost and within a reasonable time frame?

Do you wish you could produce something as simple as a presentation-quality price list that you could proudly give to a customer without any further manipulation?

You're not alone!

Purchase decisions can sometimes fail to appreciate hidden costs of software including training time needed, retraining personnel when employees are replaced, the number of orders that can be entered by an operator per day, or the impact of difficult-to-use software on the health of their employees.

Software isn't only about what it can do, it's also about how it does it. Some systems promoted as State-of-the-Art have an order entry screen so full with mouse controls that you can only see 3-5 lines of an order during entry.

These expensive systems have a bewildering kaleidoscope of folder tabs, buttons, pull-down menus and icons.

There is an alternative – Concept Patterns. It meets all of the above needs at a price and terms that won't put a strain on cash flow.

It's is a complete manufacturing system for the glass industry – from glass shops and small fabricators to large factories assembling IGUs, tempering glass and wholesaling cases and sheets.

It is an innovative 32-bit Windows package with extensive functionality and high usability.

The secret of good product design is simplicity. Applying that principle has given us products with high flexibility. That means that customers get something that can accommodate most of their needs without having to change the way they do business.

You run your business professionally and you expect the same the quality of support to match it. Moreover, we provide our support both in English and in Chinese.

The system can be seen at reference sites in Australia and New Zealand.

The screen below shows the Order Entry display. It's design means that users always know where to look for functionality on the left and the data stands out.