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S-Curved LED Glass

Latest Glass Product Recommended by Concept Patterns - S-Curved LED Glass


- Energy Savings
- Blocks up to 99% of UV light
- Maximize comfort by blocking unwanted solar heat
- High durability and stability
- Blocks electromagnetic waves from electronic products
- Brings an aesthetic look to buildings by its natural color


POLYMAGIC™ Glass is a special, patented, technology that incorporates LEDs (light sources) into glass panels to create distinctive patterns, images and logos. It performs as an excellent promotional tool in creating attention-getting displays. High performing bright LEDs conserve energy while being very visible. POLYMAGIC™ is available in special flat or curved glass with LEDs to match your applications without any disturbing wires. Polytron Technologies,Inc announce can offer “S” curved new version POLYMAGIC™ Glass. As attached picture, the size is 1400mmx2000mm.

With POLYMAGIC™ Glass, you will find innovative ways to use your imagination! This product helps to provide creative designs for architects and other innovative applications. Some application examples are, Lightings, Bath Room / Shower Enclosure, Clinics, Conference Room, Table/Bench, Hurricane Resistant Exterior Window Displays, Inner Door/ Shop Windows, Façade, Residential Effects, Shelf Displays, Skylights, Boutique / Specialty Counter Displays, and as Enhancements to Specialty items like Clocks, or Novelty Displays. 3C products, And More.

Company Introduction

Polytron Technologies (Taiwan) Inc. is focused on keeping their technology in the forefront and their quality at the highest level, designing new products and creating new forms of material in order to deliver the best products to clients.

Source: GlassOnWeb