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Raytek Introduces Marathon MM 3M Infrared Thermometer

Raytek, a leading worldwide provider of infrared thermometry, has introduced the Marathon MM 3M infrared (IR) sensor. The Marathon MM 3M measures low-to-medium temperatures with more accuracy regardless of changing emissivity. This innovative sensor was specifically designed to meet temperature measurement challenges in the metals processing industry.

The Marathon MM 3M utilizes shorter infrared wavelengths in order to minimize errors due to the uncertainty of emissivity—the measure of an object's ability to emit infrared energy. The new thermometer is not as sensitive to changes in emissivity on the target material as long wavelength sensors, and as such, provides more accurate readings across varying targets, at varying temperatures.

The Marathon MM 3M features a NEMA-4 sealed user interface and precision variable focus optics. These features allow the sensor to be quickly and correctly installed. The precision variable focus optics allows the sensor to be accurately focused with just a touch of a button, while the sealed user interface guarantees the integrity of the electronics. Together these features make the Marathon MM one of the easiest IR sensors to correctly install.

According to Frank Schneider, Raytek IR thermometry product manager, the Marathon MM 3M is a true breakthrough for industrial heat-treating operations. He said, “Metal targets, by definition, have variable emissivity and reflectivity that can change from part to part, and vary with temperature as well. Thus, everyone working with metal—whether they know it or not—has the potential for emissivity-related problems.”

Schneider continued, “The primary purpose of this new instrument is to address problems with variable emissivity in low-temperature heat treating applications. Whereas changing emissivity can have a significant impact on conventional IR sensors, those same changes will only affect this unit minimally.”

The Marathon MM 3M is the latest addition to the growing Raytek Marathon MM Series—the “New Vision” in IR thermometry. It provides all of the advantages of this advanced sensor platform, including enhanced continuous remote temperature monitoring, ease of installation and sighting, video surveillance and documentation, remote PC interface, flexible configuration, and field calibration software.

The Marathon MM Series provides through-the-lens sighting with a choice of laser sighting or video sighting methods. This unique dual sighting feature makes correct sensor operation much easier. This premium IR sensor family is also available with simultaneous real-time video sighting and automated image recording and storage.

The thermometer incorporates a live video feed into its data acquisition and sensor programming software, allowing for active frame capture—a unique capability delivering valuable new process information at a lower price than competitive products.

Rugged and reliable, the Marathon MM Series features an advanced electro-optical design, digital electronics and a user-friendly, push-button operator interface. The sensor can be easily set up for standalone operation, or configured for a multi-sensor network. The unit is housed in a sealed NEMA 4 enclosure to withstand the most demanding process environments.

Using the remote monitoring features of the Marathon MM, engineers can continuously observe and record temperature variations in their process in order to take immediate corrective action. Automatic image capture allows users to document exactly when temperatures fall outside of accepted parameters and shows which products were affected.

The Marathon MM Series platform, which covers a temperature range of -40 to 3000°C, now consists of six IR temperature sensor models, each with a specific measurement wavelength and temperature range appropriate for either low- (-40 to 800°C), medium- (250 to 1100°C), or high-temperature (300 to 3000°C) production monitoring. All sensors feature identical installation hardware and include Raytek Field Calibration software and DataTemp Multidrop software to enable easy and consistent installation, configuration and data capture across the full breadth of an application.

Source: GlassOnWeb