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Guardian Introduces ShowerGuard UltraWhite Glass for Custom Shower Enclosures

Guardian Industries Corp. today announced the introduction of ShowerGuard® UltraWhite™ low-iron glass for high-end shower enclosures, where thicker glass is often preferred by interior designers and homeowners. Made with reduced iron content, UltraWhite™ glass provides greater clarity and color neutrality, particularly on the edges where standard glass can show a greenish tint.

ShowerGuard® was introduced to the marketplace in 2006 as the first temperable, permanently protected shower glass. The UltraWhite™ product line extension is in response to the demand by interior designers and homeowners for thicker glass on high-end shower enclosures. The new product will be available nationwide in early May 2007 through the more than 300 custom glass shops that currently sell ShowerGuard® glass.

"This product is for discriminating consumers who favor the substantial look and feel of glass that is 10mm and 12mm thick, who also want a pristine enclosure that shows off their elegant shower materials and fixtures," said Patricia Kennedy, marketing director of Guardian's interior products. "Normally, the thicker the glass, the more visible the green cast becomes. With ShowerGuard® UltraWhite™, that's not a problem."

ShowerGuard® glass is sealed through a patented ion beam process during manufacturing. Easier to clean than standard glass, ShowerGuard® resists the corrosion and discoloration caused by constant exposure to heat, humidity, soaps and harsh cleaning agents. These contaminants cause a chemical reaction that leaves standard glass rough and pitted so that it becomes clouded with residue, stain and scale buildup.

"What many people don't realize is that standard glass is porous, so basic, everyday use can lead to a shower that is almost impossible to clean," said Kennedy. "We developed ShowerGuard® in response to overwhelming consumer interest in an easy-to-clean shower glass that stays clear and beautiful over time."

Bathroom remodeling continues to be a popular trend among consumers. According to Remodeling magazine, an average upscale bathroom remodel cost just over $38,000 in 2006. In projects of this scope, ShowerGuard® offers the added benefit of helping homeowners protect their investment in a high-end glass shower enclosure.

Source: Guardian