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Glaston Launches New Corporate Identity

Kyro Corporation (Glaston Corporation as of 1 June 2007) has published a new corporate identity, which is connected, moreover, with the company’s imminent name change. A consistent brand hierarchy and Glaston identity will be introduced worldwide after the company’s name officially changes on 1 June 2007.

The clarified Glaston brand emphasises the reliability, high quality of end product and good service of glass  processing technology's leading company. This is also described by Glaston’s new international identifying slogan.

"'Seeing it through' has multiple meanings and it can bring to mind transparency and persistence, both of which are applicable to Glaston. By persistence we mean our practice of taking things through to the very end. It also communicates our lifecycle philosophy; our reliable long-term cooperation with customers," explains Glaston Group President & CEO, Mika Seitovirta.

At the end of 2006, Kyro began development work on its corporate identity, to which the plan to change the Group's name was also connected. The historical Kyro name did not reflect the international technology group, whose main business area had been called Glaston since 2003 and whose second business area, Energy, had been earmarked for sale.

"Our purpose was not only to clarify the brand hierarchy, but also to standardise the corporate image, which is very important, especially internally, in a group formed through several company acquisitions. Now we are an  integrated Glaston team. Tamglass, Bavelloni and Uniglass live on as strong product brands," adds Seitovirta.

The Group's numerous subsidiaries in Finland and around the world will gradually change their names to Glaston. The Group's new organisational model and redivision of its business areas was also announced today. The curves and sharp corners of the new Glaston logo recall bent and cut glass. The unbroken circle of the Glaston symbol, reminiscent of the letter G, depicts growth, development and continuity. The Stockholm brand agency Grow Partners assested in the visualisation of the Glaston brand. The new identity was designed by Jari Ullakko and Lars Andersson.

Source: GlassOnWeb