Order Entry

The design of this module enables entry of orders a third faster than its European competitors. This translates into a third more productivity for operators. This is achieved by a simpler, less confusing screen design and the separation of glass from products, sundries and fabrications when an operator is entering order lines. Additional speed is provided by letting operators use the keyboard for the complete entry process, including product code lookups.

Automatic Trim addition is provided for shapes, and automatic adjustment of shapes from the shapes library when polishing is applied.

Importing of orders from tab- and comma-delimited files is supported. Different customers can have different formats for their order files.

There is no need for operators to identify the side of each part by a number when applying fabrications, making it easier for order entry and work on the factory floor.

Fabrications can be selected in any order and they will appear in production order.

A warning is given if production cannot be met at entry time.

The integrated accounts receivable system traps orders that exceed a customer's credit limit as they are entered.

Training takes 1-2 hours for Order Entry, so costly training is not required when personnel change.

Notes tied to fabrications appear on works orders and production scheduling reports after fabrication occurs; this has proven invaluable for our sites.

New menu selections can be added for a company's own products.

The following screenshot shows the same screen above replaced by a version that has been tailored to suit delivery personnel requirements. The header area is completely customisable and each operator can have a different design if necessary.