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Solar Innovations Folding Glass Walls Receive Hurricane Rating

Solar Innovations submitted 3' wide by 8' tall folding glass wall panels for the Miami Dade testing. This folding glass wall passed for up to 20 panels in length (60' wide), and Solar Innovations has received its Folding Glass Wall Notice of Approval (NOA) number. In addition to Solar Innovations' Folding Glass Walls already being certified as hurricane rated, Miami Dade certification now bumps Solar to the highest overall coastal rating achievable. This number (07-0326.07) allows Solar Innovations' folding glass walls to be installed in any county with Miami Dade requirements for hurricane compliance. These requirements are the most stringent in the country for hurricane compliant products, making this quite an accomplishment.

Solar Innovations' folding glass walls are designed with no breach of the thermal break anywhere in the system, including the hinges. The walls received excellent air and water infiltration test results due to the continuous weather seal on the inside surface. The gaskets are chemically adhered at the corners, rather than simply abutted against each other, and they contain a shrink-resistant cord to enhance the long-term performance of the wall.

Solar Innovations' folding glass walls are easy to operate. They glide almost effortlessly along the sill track due in large part to our uniquely elongated trolley design, which properly distributes and balances the weight. The unique triple knuckle hinge design with stainless steel impregnated bushings prevents sagging of the wall, even with large panels.

Solar Innovations' folding glass features the highest quality three-point or five-point locking mechanisms and tamper resistant hinges. The flush bolts are easy to operate and are recessed into the frame of the door for clean sight lines.

Background Information 

How does the approval process work? Products undergo 3 protocols for testing. These tests include Protocol TAS 201 (large missile impact testing), Protocol TAS 202 (air, water, and structural testing), and Protocol TAS 203 (cycle testing). Air, water, and structural testing are similar to AMAA (American Manufacturing Architectural Association) test references and are required for completion of Miami Dade certification. To learn more about Miami Dade Certifications or Florida Hurricane Rating visit Solar Innovations' website.

Which products are required to be Miami Dade certified? Any architectural products, including doors, windows, folding walls, skylights, greenhouses, conservatories, etc., manufactured for installation in Miami Dade County, Broward County, or West Palm Beach are required to be certified. It is predicted that this stringent requirement will begin to be utilized by other municipalities along the coast.

Why is this certification a benefit? Many states along the east coast are requiring impact rated products in hurricane prone areas. This requires Miami Dade Certified and/or Florida Hurricane Rated products to be installed. Having both certifications means, Solar Innovations is able to install Folding Glass Walls anywhere in the country.

Source: Azobuild & Solar Innovation