Glass Industry

World Demand for Flat Glass

According to a study from the Freedonia Group, production of flat glass is projected to increase 5.2 percent per year through 2008 to 48.3 million metric tons, of which around 34 million metric tons will be high quality float glass.

Construction markets will grow the fastest based on expanding global fixed investment: consequently, demand in the already dominant architectural glass sector will register the best gains.

The market for architectural glass is forecast to grow 5.4 percent per year through 2008 to US$53 billion: it will benefit from the greater use of value-added glazing products (such as laminated, tempered, mirrored glass, and, above all, double-glazed insulating glass units, which have become more and more popular in developed countries).

Asia will continue to offer strong annual gains, with growth especially strong in China and India. The US market for fabricated flat glass is forecast to outpace the global average, although actual gains in metric tonnage and square meters are expected to remain slightly above the average. Western Europe will continue to post the weakest sales growth, hindered by below average economic growth.

Source: GlassOnWeb