Tip of the Month

Multicopy Function

Customer orders often have lines that are very similar, only differing in the Quantity, Dimensions and the Marks/Notes field. For example a customer may be doing a job where they have the same glass and processing/fabrications, but parts with different sizes.

The following order lines would be a good example of when to use the MultiCopy button. Enter the first line and then use Alt-M to set the MultiCopy mode and save the line.

Sheet Type






6mm Clear Float






6mm Clear Float 






6mm Clear Float






When this happens you can use a new button called 'MultiCopy' to signal your intention to take the details of a new order line and use them for the following lines to be added. Press Alt-M to activate this button when you see it. You need to have entered the dimensions and quantity before you can activate it.

When you save the order line and add any processing, a new screen will appear that has columns for Quantity, Dimensions and Marks/Notes. Enter as many lines as you need, supplying a quantity, and changing the dimensions and Marks/Notes as required. When you are finished, press Page Down and all the lines will be saved in addition to the line details were copied from. Processing/Fabrication notes are also copied.

This also works for IGUs/DGUs and saves much more time because of the more complicated set-ups for these units.

This function can save more than 2/3 time when you are entering the same sheet type.