New Change

Commission Calculations for the External Job Scheduler

A commission scheme is incorporated now, which allows employees or contractors to earn commissions for every visit they carry out to do measuring or installations.

Please follow the following steps to set up this new function:

1) Access System Utilities -> Configuration -> Employees, and apply a new setting to Job Installer to identify those that do installation work.

2) Go to Quotes and Select ‘Categories'

(a) For each category (also known as Job Types), select ‘Visit Types' and set up types like Measure Up, Glazing - but use unique codes for each one so that two categories do not share the same one. For example, you could use SHGLAZ and SBGLAZ to differentiate between Shower Glazing and Splashback Glazing.

(b) Then use the ‘Schedule' button to see the descriptive dates and edit them so you can apply the correct visit type

3) When you assign a job to the schedule and have processed your choices of visits required for the job, you can use the new button ‘VisitParts' to identify the order lines that the installer will be installing or measuring. If you don't use this button then it will presume that all parts are to be done on the visit. The commission calculations based on area and panels use this information to determine the total commission per visit.

4) Setting up commissions.

Access System Utilities -> Configuration -> Employees again, and for the installers, use the ‘JobCommission' button to see the Job Types. Select any one of these and you will see a list of the visit types for that job type and this is where you can set the type of commission method and amount. Just fill in one of the rates.

5) Payment report and exporting to excel.

It is a powerful way of seeing for any date range, all installers with amounts due/already paid. You get a choice to export to a tab-delimited file for processing elsewhere, or by pressing ENTER on any installer you see their payment management screen. You can use ENTER to select/deSelect an order, and F2 to save the choices. If you want to print out, you can press alt-P to do so.