New Change

Amalgamated Stock Levels Report

This new report provides a more convenient and informative way to check stock usage and stock level of selected sheet types and sizes, and to create new purchase orders.

Sheet Sizes used in optimisation are maintained from the Sheet Stock Types screen using the Reorder button. The trigger for any sheet type and size to be included on this new report is to have an entry in the Reorder screen along with a Sheet ReOrder level. Access this via Master Files -> Products and Sheets -> Sheet Stock Type. In the following example we chose 5mm Clear Float and selected 'ReOrder'. The following is the reorder details window for this.

The first two fields are related to the Amalgamated Stock Levels report. After setup this, escape to the main menu and access Reports -> Stock Reports -> Amalgamated Stock Levels.

This report provides the stock details of each sheet type, which is shown below. There are two types of lines on this report, sheet types and size lines, and details of Purchase Orders. Only the Sheet Type and Size lines are selectable.

The Available Sheets column represents Stock less allocations for Wholesale sales that have not been invoiced yet and less stock sheets used on cutting lists that have not yet been updated. The columns marked MinQty and ReorderQty are straight from the Reorder screen for a displayed sheet type and size.

The Purchase order information shows a summary as well as the details.

Usage (F2)

This shows the details of the optimisation history of this selected sheet type.

The Usage report shows three sections showing WholeSale sales (Stock Sheets, Case, EndCaps Sales and CTS Stock Sheets broken), Hand Cut updates and finally optimisations.

Create Purchase Order (F3)

This function allows an operator to create purchase orders for this sheet type and size. First, it will show the details of latest purchase orders (e.g. Supplier, Price, Purchase Order Number, etc) at the top followed by a list of all other suppliers.

Select the supplier that you want to create purchase order with. You will be presented with a Purchase Order entry screen for the details. Enter and save this and then enter the details. If a glass line is entered, the size, sheet type, and pack size as well as price for the selected supplier are presented as default values. Once the purchase order has been created it appears back on the above stock report.

Stock (F4)

This function links to the sheet stock screen, which can be accessed from Stock Control -> Sheet Stock.

In conclusion, this report gives the ability to monitor the whole stock level of different sheet type, and also make the purchase process much easier and more effective.