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Glaverbel Becomes AGC Flat Glass Europe

Glaverbel today announced that it has changed its name to AGC Flat Glass Europe and has adopted a new corporate logo, aligning branding of Glaverbel’s operations with that of the AGC group globally.

The rebranding of Glaverbel is part of a global brand unification that unites all AGC companies under a single brand and logo. The company will benefit from a single brand identity in all its European operations, which will provide AGC Flat Glass Europe with increased recognition for its products across the world, allowing it to better serve its customers. The rebranding will also permit the company to strengthen its position as industry leader in innovation.

Commenting on the change, Jean-François Heris, President & CEO of AGC Flat Glass Europe, said: “We’re immensely proud to present ourselves as part of the family of the global glass leader. A single brand identity will allow us to raise our profile across the world. We have a tradition of innovative excellence, and this rebranding will allow us to benefit from the strengths of a world-class group in our mission to reinforce our culture and spirit of innovation”.

At the Centre of AGC’s Global Flat Glass Operations

With a long history in Belgium and Europe, AGC Flat Glass Europe has a tradition of excellence and of exporting that expertise across the world. That tradition is maintained today with a focus on innovation which allows the company to produce a wide range of value-added products which it markets globally. AGC Flat Glass Europe products can be found on some of the world’s distinctive city landmarks – such as the Kenzo building in Paris, the Rogers-designed courthouses in Antwerp or the Naberezhnaya Tower in Moscow – but also in such ground-breaking projects as the land rail speed recording-breaking TGV. Under its new branding, AGC Flat Glass Europe will continue to be headquartered in Brussels, where AGC Flat Glass worldwide headquarters are also located.

Continued Focus on Innovation
Under its new brand, the company continues to lead the market in innovation, as testified by the launch today of its latest invention, AntibBacterial GlassTM, which kills 99.9% of bacteria and stops the growth of fungi.  AGC Flat Glass Europe's focus on innovation has made the company an industry leader in bringing innovative products to market, with a record of industry-firsts that stretch back more than 30 years, such as its environmentally friendly mirror.

Source: AGC