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PPG Industries and Agion Technologies Enter into Exclusive, Multi-Year Partnership

Agion Technologies, the leading provider of natural silver-based antimicrobial solutions, today announced a worldwide, multi-year exclusive partnership agreement with PPG Industries (NYSE: PPG) to develop, manufacture, and jointly market PPG's coatings for use on laptop computers. PPG supplies coatings solutions to markets such as construction, industrial, and transportation.

Consumer awareness and concern about bacteria, mold, and mildew exposure is growing, in particular for laptop computers used by office workers, students, and families. Many computer surfaces are susceptible to harboring microbes, and it is difficult to keep these surfaces sufficiently clean. PPG's coatings, featuring Agion's antimicrobial protection, have been developed to work continuously to inhibit the growth of microbes using "nature's antimicrobial" - naturally-safe silver ion technology.

"We believe partnering with Agion to develop coatings solutions will be strategically important to our company and our customers," said William Wulfsohn, PPG senior vice president of coatings. "We can offer the benefit of Agion antimicrobial protection for laptop surfaces and provide customers with a differentiable feature in a competitive market, while reinforcing PPG's proactive position on environmental impact."

"The Agion brand is synonymous with value, and natural antimicrobial protection resonates with consumers," said Ginger Merritt, Agion vice president of worldwide sales and marketing. "Agion continues to attract strong, global partnerships with world-class companies like PPG, who share our commitment to bringing antimicrobial solutions to market."

Agion's antimicrobial technology has an extensive and comprehensive regulatory portfolio, with approval by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the European Food Safety Association (EFSA) and listing as an indirect food contact substance approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Agion's product is also a notified existing substance under Directive 98/8/EC on European Biocidal Products Directive (BPD) and is listed on eight chemical inventories throughout the world.

Source: CNW Group