Help Documents


In order to give better support, we provide help documents to show how each function is used. If you are a first-time user of our software, these documents can help you get up to speed more quickly. They also provide rich information about our software. Please feel free to download these documents or view directly online. Please note that these documents are available only to our customers.

The list of all the help documents is correspondent with the main menu of our software:

    - Order Entry
    - Master File
    - Stock Control
    - Debtors
    - System Utilities
    - Cut List Management
    - Quotes
    - Purchasing
    - Outside Job Scheduler
    - Sundry Cutlists

Also, there are other help documents related to other parts:

    - Document Management
    - Template CAD
    - Laminate Module

If you can't view the pdf files, please click here to download Acrobat Reader 7.0.