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Glass and Modern Technologies 2010


November 1-3 2010, Moscow, Russia

9th International Exhibition

History of Event

Autumn 2001 saw the first ever Glass Expo International Specialized Exhibition organized by the Glass Association of Russia. The Event attracted 78 attendees coming from four countries. It is important to note that Russia was facing hardships at the moment: by this time many plants and enterprises had lost their once strong relations with end consumers. That is the main reason why the Exhibition was crowned with big success. In an instant it became a solid platform for demand and supply behaviors in the global glass industry. So, the companies, willing to market their products in Russia and CIS countries, acquired a true guiding star.

The major goal of the pilot exhibition was attained. Producers and consumers were offered ample and attractive opportunities to enter into and develop good partnership agreements with due apprehension of the leading role of this Forum in the CIS glass market.

It is vital to note that Glass Expo was highly recognized by a number of Ministries and Federal Non-For-Profit Organizations.

The Russian exponents and participants coming from the CIS countries gained confidence in the high economic feedback of the Event. Since the year 2003 the number of Russian and CIS attendees has kept exceeding the number of attendees from the global arena. This fact demonstrates that Glass Expo is becoming increasingly popular in the national market.

Number of participants 195
Number of international participants/Number of countries including Russia 15 / 11
Total number of participants 210
National participants 5880
International participants 120
Total number of participants 6000
Attendees-specialists (%) Middle managers/managers and entrepreneurs/companies' heads, CEOs and directors/other 15 %
25 %
Participants' profile: Trade representatives (Т) ;General public (P); All together(T + P) Т
Participating countries: (including Russia) Finland - 1 participant;
Byelorussia - 1 participant;
Hungary - 1 participant,
Germany - 1 participant;
Kazakhstan - 2 participants;
Netherlands - 1 participant;
Russia - 195 participants;
Uzbekistan - 1 participant;
Ukraine - 5 participants;
Italy - 1 participant;
France - 1 participant.

Starting from the very first Event, all Glass Expo shows were provided with the comprehensive program of business events visited by the most recognized scientists, law makers, machine builders, officials and authorities.

Moreover, since the year 2006 the Glass Union of Ukraine has been actively partaking in the Exhibition presenting their national stand.

A variety of consumers and specialists have become devoted attendees of the Show. Just have a look at the participation pattern of the Glass Expo Exhibition (Glass and Modern Glass Technologies):


90 percent of participants have been dynamically participating in the show since the year 2001. This is a solid evidence of an ever increasing economic influence exerted by Glass Expo.

Number of participants from the year 2001 till 2008:


Number of devoted participants who have attended 5+ exhibitions from 2005 till 2008:


72 attendees have taken part in the total of 8 exhibitions Glass Expo (Glass and Modern Glass Technologies)

Increase in exhibition areas:


Each and every Glass Expo (Glass and Modern Glass Technologies) offers a unique annual report on the glass industry. It is invaluable for consumers who are offered summarized results and feedback.

It is not only the Business Program of Events, which secures easy exchange of information. It is also the informal setting, which provides all visitors and attendees with new communications tools. It is also the "supper party" with the spirit of fellowship and solidarity, which gathers together experts and specialists of the world of glass.

The Presidium of the Glass Association awards their diplomas, prizes and tributes to brightest attendees in the festive and comfortable setting of the Event. One of the most recognized rewards is the diploma given to the Honored Worker of the Glass Industry. Besides, all new members of the Glass Association of Russia are awarded special certificates.

No wonder, the Glass Expo Exhibition has become a gala day for everyone involved in glass making.

Source: GlassExpo