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Primus: Architectural Glass 2011


January 25-28 2011, Kyiv, Ukraine

8th International Specialized Exhibition of Decorative Glass 

Primus: Architectural Glass 2011 invariably collects all manufacturers of architectural and building glass, the equipment for its manufacture and processing, and also raw materials and accessories for glass branch. The VIII International Сongress 'WINDOWS.DOORS.FACADE SYSTEMS.ARCHITECTURAL GLASS' held within the exhibition personify centre of the newest industrial technologies and the equipment for architectural and building glass manufacture, processing, transportation and application. The all-Ukrainian contests 'Virtuoso of Glass', 'Best Architectural Designs' and 'Equipment And Tools For Glass Processing' held within the exhibition allow to share the advanced experience and  name leaders of the branch.

Who visits the exhibition?

•    Owners / Managers of companies
•    Technical Specialists
•    Division Heads
•    Architects \Designers\Contractors
•    Civil Servants
•    Glass manufacturers
•    Manufacturers of equipment and tools for glass treatment and work
•    Manufacturers and retailers of tools and materials
•    Glass suppliers
•    Glass consumers
•    Representative of construction industry
•    Manufacturers and retailers of decorative glass
•    Manufacturers of hermetics
•    Glass treatment specialists

Facts of 2010 

51 companies from 11 countries of the world have presented their products and services and the number of registered visitors came to 5200 with 78% of specialists among them. This is an exceptionally strong result given this year’s economic conditions, and it marks the exhibition as the leading specialized event in Eastern Europe. It’s obvious that this crisis year the resources to participate were found only by the strongest branch companies. Nevertheless, their expectations came true in full: they’ve managed to get the contacts just with those consumers, whom they expected to meet with. The exhibition has traditionally gathered a great number of businessmen, scientists, managers of enterprises and technical specialists, manufacturers and processors of architectural, art and decorative glass, builders, architects and designers. Four days of exhibition work were saturated. Many companies managed to sell their equipment just at the exhibition.


High level of organization and holding the exhibitions, properly chosen exhibitors, mastering of the service level as well as harmonic work of PRIMUS EXHIBITIONS GROUP highly qualified personnel make exclusively favourable conditions for participating in the corporation’s exhibitions, confirming the international status of the holding events.

Constantly improving the formula of effective participation at the exhibition, Organizers operatively introduce the innovations in exhibition business. Considering the criteria of success for the exhibitorsPRIMUS EXHIBITIONS GROUP analyses the results of each action. Interviewing is the part of thisprocess.


The exhibition traditionally gathers all interestedspecialists of the industry under one roof: manufacturers of glass processing equipment and tools, manufacturers of decorative glass, architects and designers.The number of the registered visitors this year was 5200, with 78% of specialists among them.