Improve Profitability

The costs of software include initial cost, installation, initial training, support, training of new personnel and customisations. Software design also affects operator productivity.

Here is how Concept Patterns software comes out better on all of these.

Initial Cost – significantly less expensive than our European competitors which represents very good value for money, yet similar functionality.

Installation and Training – 1-2 two weeks is typically required to do this with a single person on site. You can expect at least 3 weeks training with 2 or more personnel on site with our competitors and at much higher daily or weekly rates.

Support – we have very reasonable support rates which provide telephone and Internet support, free updates to modules licenced and access to user-documentation on-line as well as funding on-going development.

Training of New Personnel - our system is so simple to use compared to other systems that we are never asked to provide this. Existing staff typically train new staff.

Customisations – Very reasonable rates combined with a flexible interface allows customisations, even for the smallest customer – size doesn't matter.

Operator Productivity – most complex systems have hidden costs in terms of additional input operators required. Our Windows system is very “keyboard friendly” and the logical but simple approach to screen layout means that our customers get more orders entered per operator than using any other system. All product codes are Alpha-numeric which provides quick identification. Different types of products are segregated to allow operators to navigate through smaller lists of related products when finding a particular product instead of trolling through a large unmanageable list of all products.

A simpler system also aids in employee retention by removing stress caused by poorly designed systems which hinder operators from being efficient. Screens in our system maximise the amount of  data displayed and put functionality always in the same location in a way that doesn't dominate screen displays. When we combine this with the ability to heavily customise the system for each single operator, easily and rapidly, we find much more  satisfied end-users willing to provide referrals.

Overall, we don't have a large company structure that needs to be supported by excessive fees.

Also, if you cut a lot of glass for Balustrade customers, talk to us to find out how you can significantly reduce your cutting costs.