Integrated Spreadsheet


What this new technology our customers can now integrate complex calculations previously done in spreadsheets, into our own software so that their personnel do not have to swap between programs and maintain pricing in two different systems leading to higher productivity and more efficiency.

This uses a powerful command language to create custom input screens that recalculate in real time just like spreadsheets.

The designer has total control over screen location, font size and colour as well as the ability to determine what type of data is stored which includes, glass, sundries such as aluminium, processes and text lines. Sample product graphics can be included on entry screens and an unlimited number of products can be set up, each in its own command file.

Commands include labels, input fields, hidden totals and block commands for entering multiple lines of common details. Additional functions are provided for summed totals and for calculating best fit widths for Balustrade and Pool Fencing scenarios.

Unlike spreadsheets, each product set up, can have its own custom printing document with control over which items are to be printed.

Uses include furniture with glass, aluminium and glass windows and doors, aluminium shutter systems or in fact anything that previously was only possible in a spreadsheet.