System Utilities

These are general fix-it routines to cater for common operator mistakes.

Reprice Orders - Reprice an order number range after price list repricing has been done to allow orders not yet invoiced to be repriced at new rates. (Please refer to help document for details.)

Unoptimise Order/Line - This makes an order or a selected line of an order available for optimisation again.

Undeliver - Mark an order as undelivered.

Uninvoice - Removes sales and debtors posting and allows order to be invoiced later.

Recalculate Debtors - fixes discrepancies between statement balance and aged balances for single or range of customers. Adds up all debtors items to recalculate aged balances.

Mark Order as Unprinted (Works order) – Allows it to be reprinted.

Move Invoice - to another account



Rebuild Creditors- for those using this module. This is similar to 'Recalculate Debtors'.


Show All Users - find out who is using Concept Patterns.


Bulk Uninvoice/Reinvoice - select customer and see there recent invoices with options to reprice after uninvoicing, and then option to re-invoice afterwards.

Monitor Messages - these are for customers running the Monitor Module and allow messages to be integrated with the monitor for fixed dates and times.