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Intersolar China 2011


March 15-17 2011, Shanghai, China

Asia’s International Exhibition and Conference for the Solar Industry

As Asia currently experiences its solar revolution, with help from strong government support throughout the region, key industry players are becoming increasingly interested in entering this dynamic, new solar market for its long-term potential. In 2009, the Chinese government announced a series of progressive development programs to demonstrate its strong determination in supporting China’s renewable energy industry. Additional incentives and development programs are expected in 2010 and the near future.

As the global leader for organizing solar events, Intersolar once again finds itself in a unique position to best present the Asian solar market’s huge potential to a worldwide audience. 2010 will see the inauguration of Intersolar Asia, with its first official program being a delegation tour, running parallel to SOLARCON China 2010 from March 16 – 18 in Shanghai.The tour will assist interested companies to obtain first-hand information specific to the Chinese solar market and its budding industry.

Top Reasons To Exhibit At Intersolar


With Intersolar, this world renowned first-class exhibition and conference in solar industry, your company is assured to gain the most visibility.


With events in the most dynamic solar regions of the world (Asia, Europe, North America and India), Intersolar is the number one solar events organizer reaching the worldwide solar industry.


Intersolar has long been the gathering place for the world’s solar industry  professionals and experts. Survey results from the 2009 events show that 95 % of Intersolar trade visitors are solar professionals with 77 % of them being decision-makers.


Glass-Tech 2011

April 15-17 2011, Targi Kielce, Poland

4th International Fair Of Glass And Ceramics Production, Processing And Technology

This fair is a unique event of this kind on the Polish market. The 2010 exhibition was visited by 20,000 people.

Glass has been known to humankind from time immemorial. Cultures living near volcanoes had access to glass available in the form of a natural resource, which came in a vast array of kinds and colours. The method of making thin and flat window panes was refined in the 14th century in Normandy, while the modern glass pressing processes were developed and used for cost-effective mass production in the United States in the 19th century.

Since then, this material has practically become irreplaceable, with demand for glass products continually being on the increase. Architectural glass, optical glass, soda-lime glass, Jena glass, hardened, armoured, utility glass, ceramic and artistic, to name just a few.

The exhibition in the halls of the Targi Kielce company encompassed almost all the products of glass and ceramics. Visitors had an opportunity to become acquainted with the latest ceramic and glass production technologies.

In 2010 was held grand glass and ceramics market, where visitors were shown the latest products offered by manufacturers of objects used in everyday life as well as works of art.

Products and services exhibited at the 3rd International Fair of Glass and Ceramics Production, Processing and Technology are aimed at construction companies, architects, glass companies, developers, furniture manufacturers, glassworks, glass and ceramics producers, and at other representatives of the glass industry. In fact, taking a tour of the exhibition at Targi Kielce is a must for all of them. However, our invitation to visit the exhibition is extended not only to professionals. Everyone will be enchanted with the exhibited consumer goods and works of art.


Glassman Europe 2011


May 25-26 2011, Barcelona, Spain

Dedicated Exhibition of Industrial Scale Primary Glassmaking Equipment and Services

Providing the ultimate business experience

Continuing on from previous success, Glassman is returning to Europe but to a brand new location in Barcelona. Glassman Europe 2011 will take place on 25 and 26 May 2011 in Hall 5 at Montjuic, Palau de Congressos de Barcelona. The event is part of Glassman, which has served the industry for over 20 years. Glassman visits many regions of the world including Asia, the Middle East, Europe, USA and South America. We work with the industry to ensure you have access to new and exciting markets across the globe and as a result have become an experienced and respected event organiser.

Glassman Europe 2011 is the ideal platform to conduct business

Positive market growth combined with the experience of Glassman events means Barcelona is a powerful place to do business. With a dedicated exhibition of the leading suppliers of industrial scale primary glassmaking equipment and services, Glassman will attract key buyers and suppliers from Europe and beyond. This is a unique platform for suppliers to present their products and services and be face-to-face with the most influential decision makers operating within the market in a relaxed, intimate environment. 

Why live events should form an important part of your business/marketing strategy

How long would it take your company to see attendees to the event face-to-face? How much would the travel and hotels cost your company? Events enable you to shorten the sales process and save money. At an event, the visitor is proactively choosing to engage with you. Visitors give their time and permission to you to sell to them at a time they are ready to buy.

We know who these customers are

We have collected valuable information on their jobs, companies and areas of interest and you can capture this valuable intelligence.

Events deliver a multitude of sales and marketing objectives

Where else can you sell one product and simultaneously launch another, whilst increasing brand visibility, networking with industry clients and prospects and keeping a close eye on what the competition is doing? 


Mir Stekla 2011


June 6-9 2011, Moscow, Russia

13th International Exhibition for Glass Products, Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing Technology

Due to its remarkable properties and enormous potential, modern glass, as a construction material, finds ever-increasing applications nowadays. The Russian glass market is rapidly developing. New companies enter it annually, considering it one of the most promising markets in Europe.

Today the Russian glass industry contains about 3,000 businesses, over 500 of which are large and middle enterprises. High demand for flat and container glass results from a tremendous growth in the construction market and an expansion of food production. A considerable amount of glass is used in the furniture and transportation industries. According to expert opinion, demand across the globe for glass and glass products will grow fast, and in 2010 it will be double what it was in 2004.

The manufacture of glass and glass products involves high technology, engineering ingenuity and creative research. The latest glass production technology, modern machinery, equipment and tools are the core of the Mir Stekla Exhibition, which gives a comprehensive idea of development prospects of modern glass production.

The Mir Stekla International Exhibition is the largest trade show for the glass industry in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe. In 2008, 396 companies from 24 countries occupied 8,329 sq m net to demonstrate their innovative solutions for raw materials processing and glassware production.

A large attendance by glass industry professionals from Russia's regions produce high returns to exhibitors from participation. High-quality services provided by Expocentre's staff and the venue's well-developed infrastructure promote successful exhibiting.

Why Mir Stekla

Unique opportunities offered by Mir Stekla:

  • Introduce a new product or trade mark to your target audience;
  • Influence customers' perception of your product via face-to-face communication;
  • Enhance brand awareness and strengthen your corporate image in your customers' mind;
  • Examine the glass market potential and set out new directions in business development;
  • Make direct sales;
  • Improve the distribution system;
  • Reach a greater number of the target audience;
  • Develop sales leads;
  • Research the market, explore needs and expectations of prospective clients.


GlassBuild America 2011


September 12-14 2011, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Glass, Window & Door Expo

GlassBuild America is an annual, all-encompassing event that will bring the entire glass and fenestration industries together in one venue for the first time in North America. GlassBuild America is organized by the National Glass Association, in partnership with the Glass Association of North America, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, the Insulating GlassManufacturers Alliance and the Bath Enclosure Manufacturers Association. Since 2003, it has been listedas one of the Top 200 largest U.S. tradeshows in the annual listing compiled by Tradeshow Weekmagazine. GlassBuild America is a member of the Global Fair Alliance.

Benefits of Exhibiting

  • Meet thousands of glass, window and door industry professionals and generate high-quality sales leads from existing and new customers
  • 20 hours dedicated to exhibit visitation
  • Five Exhibitor Registration Badges per 100 square feet of space
  • Exposure on GlassBuild America's official website,
  • Guest Pass Code to offer existing and potential clients complimentary entrance onto the show floor
  • Use of the official GlassBuild America logo on pre-show and post-show marketing materials
  • GlassBuild America Banner Ad to use on your website
  • Exposure in the Official Show Catalog alphabetically and by product category
  • Editorial coverage, product previews, and advertising opportunities in the industry's leading publications—Glass Magazine and Window & Door®
  • 24-hour security from set-up to tear-down
  • Show your commitment to the industry and the industry's leading associations. Profits from GlassBuild America go to support expanded industry programs and promote usage of glass, windows, and doors


GulfSol 2011

September 20-22 2011, Abu Duhabi, UAE

1st Solar & PV Technology Exhibition for the Middle East

Huge levels of investment across the entire Middle East, MENA and Gulf regions into renewable energy has created a fantastic opportunity for all those connected with solar and PV technology.

Industry experts have already confirmed the huge amount of sun generated electricity that could be achieved across the region.

Now is the time to establish your credentials in this most exciting and vibrant of solar centres in what will be the first totally dedicated solar exhibition for the region, in what is becoming the renewable energy industry’s natural home, Abu Dhabi.

Why Abu Dhabi, Why Now

The move to position IRENA in Abu Dhabi has focused the World’s attention on the Emirate as a potential global hub for green energy production. Targets across the Gulf and wider Middle East region are now being set in place to provide alternatives to the overburdened electricity grid system and given that in most countries, wind generation is relatively minimal, solar is the most readily available technology and is set to capitalise. Abu Dhabi presents an international platform with genuine global and regional reach, providing the perfect location to site this first edition of GulfSol. Intended to focus attention solely on the solar industry, the exhibition will ensure that technology suppliers are provided with a dedicated opportunity to showcase their abilities and establish themselves in what is viewed as one of the solar sector’s genuine hotspots. 

Media Campaign

  • An international display adverting campaign in all leading solar industry media.
  • Constant media updates to the press, digital news sites, ceramic portals.
  • E-newsletters to our unsurpassed database.
  • Close liaison with Associations, Institutes, Industry Directors and Government.
  • Special attention to neighbouring states; broadening the customer base.
  • Bespoke invitation scheme for our exhibitors.
  • Web advertising and strong ties with our Media Partners.
Source: GulfSol

Vitrum 2011


October 26-29 2011, Rho, Porta Ovest, Milan

International Trade Fair For Machinery, Equipment And Systems For The Processing Of Flat, And Hollow Glass; Glass And Finished Products For The Industry

VITRUM, the leading international glass manufacturing trade event held in Italy, continues to find ways to present cutting edge techniques and technologies alongside a glimpse into the illustrious past. The tradition of glass manufacturing originated and matured in the small workshops of artisans in ancient Rome or during the time of the Doges in the Venetian Republic. Those crowded, smoke-filled shops of the past have given way to spacious, almost sterile, modern industrial facilities, where new techniques are applied to ideas that have their heritage in the distant past.

It was just such an imaginary journey along the glass trade routes that brought the “Glass Relic” to Vitrum in 1995. Priceless archeological evidence was recovered from the Adriatic Sea, showing how, as early as the 16th century, glass had been cast into crude blocks in the countries where the raw materials were abundant, and traveled by sea to regions where it was transformed into elegant, colorful objects. Successive Vitrum events -- like “Glass Tales” --featured the Byzantine anchor by Pellestrina, which emerged miraculously intact from the floor of the Venice’s lagoon, alongside other precious finds from digs carried out in Venice. Bottles, goblets, multicolored fragments from window panes and lamps -- “fragile” and, at the same time, durable testimony to the skills and artistic elegance of the master glass craftsmen who did their utmost to satisfy the demands of European aristocracy.Yes, Vitrum is also an example of how the modern industrial world can take on the noble challenge of imparting a refined cultural message.

Thus, the show presents itself not only as the business appointment of the year but also as the ideal venue where history, tradition, evolution and technological innovation intersect and flow into another in a virtual stream of time. This too, is the magic of glass. 

Vitrum featured the new “Vitrum Energy” section which, together with VHG created in 2007, are designed to give a specific exhibition identity to twoimportant sectors: hollow glass processing and production, and the new technologies and applications of glass for energy production from renewable sources.


Mir Stekla 2008


June 9-12 2008, Moscow

10th anniversay international exhibition for glass products, manufacturing, processing and finishing technology

First held in 1999, the MIR STEKLA International Exhibition has been Russia’s leading specialized event of the glass industry for seven years now. The exhibition features glass products, technologies, machinery and equipment for the glass manufacturing and processing industries. Since 2003 MIR STEKLA has been held under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. In 2004, the exhibition was approved by and labeled as the Event of the International Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (now the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs - RUEF) and the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry – UFI. In 2006, within the framework of the MIR STEKLA Exhibition an international salon of art and decorative glass entitled Art Glass was launched as an independent project. The salon became a real gem of the event.


GlassBuild America 2008


October 6-8 2008, Las Vegas, USA

The Glass, Window & Door Expo

The Winning Combination
Attendees and exhibitors alike recognize GlassBuild America as the gathering place for the entire glass, window, and door industries in North America.  It's been listed as one of the Top 200 trade shows in the U.S. by Tradeshow Week magazine the past 4 years.

Organized by the National Glass Association, along with partner organizations-the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, the Glass Association of North America, the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance and the Bath Enclosure Manufacturers Association, GlassBuild America offers a united and comprehensive audience. With an expected attendance of over 9,000, Play your cards right with GlassBuild America-it's where you'll find the entire glass, window and door industries...

The Who's Who of the Industry-Comprised of over 200,000 net square feet, the trade show floor at GlassBuild America provides an all-encompassing central showcase. See over 400 exhibiting companies comprised of the who's who from across the entire spectrum of the glass, window, and door industries.

Knowledge + Information -Focus your learning on a day devoted to one of the following industries: Commercial Glass, Residential Window & Door or Retail & Decorative Glass. Walk away with knowledge and information you can put to use right away.

Guaranteed ROI-Join 9,000 professionals from all segments of the glass, window, and door industries in Atlanta. In just one-cost effective trip, you will see new products and technology, make purchasing decisions, and develop new business contacts-a guaranteed return on your investment!

Live educational demonstrations-Live educational demonstrations from all segments of the glass, window, and door industries will be represented. At GlassBuild America you will see residential window installations, commercial glazing installations, and much more in a unique, live setting in the exhibit hall.


Glasstec 2008

Glass Exhibition Recommended by Concept Patterns - Glasstec 

October 21-25 2008, Düsseldorf, Germany

International Trade Fair with Special Show glass technology live

This is a large international trade fair for the glass industry, which covers diverse aspects of the industrial sector, from glass processing and finishing, to solar energy. In Glasstec 2006, Over 54,000 visitors gathered information on current products and trends in the glass industry, in glass machinery and equipment as well as in the glazier trade. Compared to glasstec 2004 the visitor participation increased slightly (53.752). The majority of the exhibitors praised the high quality of the vistors which was reflected in numerous business contracts. In addition, exhibitors expect a positive post show business. Altogether over 1,300 companies, associations and research institutes from 46 countries were presented to the international trade audience.

Also meeting with avid interest among visitors was the Special Show “glass technology live“ with its accompanying symposium. 94% of visitors rated the Special Show positively and for 77% the Special Show formed a key component of their visit to glasstec. The Special Show presents innovations and visions of the glass industry ranging from coloured thin-film cells and switchable glass to the world’s largest free-span all-glass staircase.


Glass & Windoor 2008

Glass Exhibition Recommended by Concept Patterns - Glass & Windoor

November 13-16 2008, Seoul, South Korea

The 9th international glass, window and door industry Technology Exhibition for Korea

As the leading specialist international trade fair for Korea, Glass & Windoor 2008 will be held at the Convention & Exhibition Center(COEX) in Seoul from November 13~16, 2008. Glass & Windoor 2008, a biennial event, will constitute a meeting place for international experts to negotiate, and will be a showcase of the latest technology trend.

Glass & Windoor 2008, with over 124 exhibitors from 15 countries, was a unique trade fair in Korea. Every two years, specialists from each sector of the glass industry meet a highly qualified visitors in Seoul. Glass & Windoor 2008 presents the latest trends and problem-solving ideas for the future Glass and Window & Door technology. The highly qualified visitors are mainly manufacturers of top management in Korea.

Glass & Windoor 2008 displays the entire range of sheet glass making machinery, glass bottle making machinery, glass processing/finishing systems, window manufacturing machinery, industrial glass products, machine toools & equipments, raw materials and related services. The exhibition gives an overview of the future-oriented systems provided by leading companies and research institutes.




November 19-22 2008, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

International Specialised Exhbition of profiles, machines, joinery, glass, curtain walls and software

The Right Products For The Right Professionals

The exhibition is the first step in establishing contacts with businesses from South-Eastern Europe. It is a meeting point of importers and distributors of profiles, machines and glass, manufacturers of doors, windows and metal furniture, building engineers, designers, architects, construction companies, investors and entrepreneurs.


BAU 2009


January 12-17 2009, München, Germany

European key trade fair on "the future of building"

BAU presents architecture, systems and materials for industrial, commercial and residential construction as well as interior design. Every two years, it brings together all the industry’s market leaders in a unique exhibition and is thus the most important event of the European building industry. The product range is structured according to both building materials and product and topica areas. The numerous attractive events of the top-class supporting programme round off the trade fair’s offer.

BAU 2007

  • BAU is an international magnet – 36,000 visitors from abroad
  • Range extended further – 146 countries
  • Interest rises strongly from the Middle East, East Asia and South/Southeast Europe
  • Exhibitors – excellent business talks and sales
  • Highly popular forums and special displays

  • 209,048 visitors from 145 countries visited BAU 2007 in Munich. 172,140 of the visitors came from Germany, that is 82%. 36,908 visitors came from abroad, which equals an international visitors share of 18%.

    The visitor survey showed clearly that BAU 2007 reached even more architects, planners and construction engineers than before. The proportion of visitors falling into this category was 18% (2005: 15%), which corresponds to around 36,000 visitors. 88% (84%) of the visitors described themselves as ‘decision-makers’. The number of first-time visitors rose sharply (41% / 2005: 31%). So, too, did the number of repeat visitors (32% / 23%). The survey also revealed that more and more visitors – in 2007 almost one third – are spending several days at BAU.

    According to this survey BAU 2007 scored higher than BAU 2005 (which itself had achieved excellent ratings) in almost all categories. 93% (2005: 89%) of exhibitors and 92% (89%) of visitors rated BAU 2007 as ‘excellent to good’. 87% of exhibitors (84%) and 86% (82%) of visitors described the event as the leading trade fair in the sector. Almost all the exhibitors praised the quality and international spread of the visitors, while visitors mentioned in particular the completeness and breadth of the range, and the presence of market leaders. In the category of ‘goal achievement’ BAU 2007 also scored higher than at the last event two years ago. 92% (88%) of the exhibitors said they had been successful in their goal of consolidating existing business relations, 85% (77%) said they had made new business contacts. On the visitor side, 86% (87%) gave a rating of ‘excellent to good’ to their achievement of the goal of general market orientation, with 81% (78%) giving the same rating to the goal of gathering information about new products. The importance of BAU as regards learning and exchanging experience was also expressly commented upon by the visitors. In the rating of the individual sections at the fair, almost all of them were described as ‘excellent to good’ by around 90% of the visitors.


    Istanbul Window 2007

     Glass Exhibition Recommended by Concept Patterns - Istanbul Window

    March 15-18 2007, Istanbul, Turkey 

    8th International Window, Glass Technology, Accessories, Side Industry and Auxiliary Products Fair

    Brief Synopsis of the Window Fair

    ISTANBUL WINDOW 2006 - 7th Window, Glass Technology, Accessory, Related Industry and Auxiliary Products Fair, attracted exhibitors and vistors from 16 countries (Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, China, Italy, Finland, Japan, France, Korea, Holland, Taiwan, Israel, Turkey, United Kingdom, Greece).


    Gulf Glass 2007

    Glass Exhibition Recommended by Concept Patterns - Gulf Glass 

    March 27-29 2007, Sharjah, UAE

    First dedicated glass show in the Middle East

    The Gulf region , in particular the UAE, is booming at present and this phenomenal growth-rate looks set to continue for at least the next decade. Gulf Glass 2007 is at last poised to bring a focus to this exciting region - don't miss out!


    Photovoltaic Technology Show 2007

    Glass Exhibition Recommended by Concept Patterns - Photovoltaic Technology Show 

    April 4-5 2007, Munich (Germany)

    It will represent manufacturing equipment for making solar silicon, ingots, wafers, cells, solar modules and necessary materials for their production. The exhibition will be held in conjunction with the 4th Solar Silicon Conference, the 1st PV Production Equipment Conference and the 1st PV Investors Conference.


    Hong Kong Houseware Fair 2007

    Glass Exhibitions Recommended by Concept Patterns - Hong Kong Houseware Fair 2007 

    April 21-24 2007, Hong Kong

    The largest and most important event of its kind in Asia

    Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the fair has established itself to be the largest houseware fair of its kind in Asia. The success of the fair was built on its excellent product range.  Buyers found plenty of products at the fair to tickle their fancy, whatever their line of interest was, from bathroom accessories to handicrafts, from hardware and DIY products to tableware, and from small electrical appliances to furniture, home decorations, household textile, lighting etc.


    Belarusian Construction Week 2007

    Glass Exhibition Recommended by Concept Patterns - Belarusian Construction Week 

    April 24-27 2007, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

    8th International Specialised Exhibition for Windows, Doors, Roofs, Cottage, Interior and Furniture

    The exhibition will be carried out together with the 11th International Specialised Exhibition "Powder Metallurgy" and the international specialized salon “Corrosoin Protection. Coatings.


    Fenavid 2007

    Glass Exhibition Recommended by Concept Patterns - Fenavid 

    May 2-4 2007, San Paolo, Brazil

    The 6th National Fair of the Glass, Aluminum, Moldura and Cia.

    Fenavid congregates expositors of all annually the places of Brazil in order to present the new technologies, techniques and trends in the fair. This itinerante fair is directed the professionals, such as glassworkers, locksmiths, decorators, engineers, architects, and moveleiros, to the sectors of the industry, civil construction and commerce.

    Source: Fenavid

    K/BIS 2007

    Glass Exhibition Recommended by Concept Patterns - K/BIS 

    Show: May 8-10 2007
                                                 Las Vegas, USA
    Conference: May 7-10 2007

    Kitchen/Bath Industry Show & Conference

    The annual K/BIS event showcases the very latest products and cutting-edge design ideas in the kitchen and bath industry. This captivating event features the largest array of product displays and demonstrations, NKBA professional development courses, NKBA keynote speeches, interactive roundtable sessions and the opportunity to network with thousands of industry professionals. K/BIS 2007 will bring together over 900 companies exhibiting their products and more than 40,000 national and international industry professionals.